The garden is often where private speculation makes its first appearance . . . where a person begins to define a conception of nature and a place in the world.
-- John Beardsly, 19th century American minister

   As Rev. Beardsly knew, a garden is a place of emotional and philosophical form as well as a physical entity. Garden Artworks: Science and Art Hand-in-Hand is a project that was designed to bring those elements together on the grounds of Watsonville Community School, a small alternative educational facility in Santa Cruz County. The goal of the project was to foster curiosity, to create a space for nature and for learning.

  This project was born through partnerships and collaborations. California State University, Monterey Bay students Laurel Leonetti and Jessyka Wengreen wanted to work together to create a sculpture and organic garden as their senior project, but needed a site. They asked Steven Russell, community liaison for the Reciprocal University for the Arts Project at CSUMB, if one of RUAP’s community partners might provide an appropriate location.


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